Math Talent Search

Bose Einstein Scholarship Test ( B E S T )-2022 (ONLINE - MODE) ( 5th Time For Indian Students) For Class / Grade – (V - XII) + GRADUATION CLASS


Image‘Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe”. To encourage and gain excellence in Mathematics JMMC RESEARCH FOUNDATION (part of JMMC INSTITUTION) is organising a Math Talent search examination BOSE EINSTEIN SCHOLARSHIP TEST 2022 for students, in association with international research scholars & mentors who are established persons in many globally recognized universities and research organization, viz. LEEDS UNIVERSITY, BERLIN UNIVERSITY, OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY, MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY. On the basis of results in this examination we want to reward the participants and honour the teachers and their Institutes they belong to in due time. SUBJECT: - MATHEMATICS Stages of Selection – (1) MTA (2) MTB (3) MTC

Registration Fees : 1000.00 /-

Sample Question Papers